I’m running

After much consideration, I am running for State Senator for the 40th District because I believe I am the most qualified person for the position due to my state legislative background and campaign background.  I am the only candidate who has worked on legislation affecting our metropolitan planning organizations as well as mass transit reform.  

Currently, I am working with Southland Friends of Labor to help raise funds to support labor friendly candidates in South Suburban Cook County, Will County and Kankakee County.  I am also helping my friend Charlene Eads gather signatures for State Representative of the 79th District.  

Previous positions held include:  Statewide Coordinator for The Illinois Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council, Transit Campaign Organizer for the Illinois Jobs to Move America Coalition, and Legislative Affairs Administrator with Metra.

As the Communications Secretary for the Kankakee County Democratic Party, I have also worked to recruit a diverse set of county board candidates which were all slated by the Party in 2018.  Since serving on the Executive Board the past two years, I have also raised nearly $130,000 in campaign funds.  $106,000 was raised in 2018 through a grant application that I wrote on behalf of the Kankakee County Democratic Party.  

In May 2018, the Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association received Blue Wave Funds from the JB Pritzker for Governor campaign.   Funds were used to help recruit, build the campaign infrastructure by purchasing computer equipment, printers, feed a ton of volunteers and help pay volunteers during Get Out The Vote activities, while also paying stipends for team leaders to implement the GOTV plan for the county.  As the campaign coordinator for the Kankakee County Democratic Party, I worked closely with AFSCME Local 29 in their coordination with Labor to recruit volunteers to walk precincts and phone bank for JB Pritzker.  My role also involved helping local county board candidates, as well as the county clerk and county treasurer run for office.  

I look forward to connecting with voters throughout the 40th District as I gather petition signatures to get on the ballot.     

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