The petition challenge is over

On December 9, I received two objections to my petitions; one from Chicago Heights and one from Kankakee. Combined, 714 out of the 1,300 signatures I submitted were challenged. 

For three weeks, volunteers helped with data entry and helping track down voters. Several notaries traveled throughout the District with me to get affidavits from individuals whose signatures were challenged, even on Christmas Eve. It is an honor to have their support. 

I am glad to report that I survived both challenges and my name will be on the ballot. 

Staying on the ballot took a considerable amount of time and resources. However, it was an opportunity to reconnect with voters who were clearly upset at the petition challenge process. Many lived in their residences for over 10 years. Please consider chipping in to help with my fundraising efforts.  Will you chip in $10, $25, $50 or more today?

Your support is greatly appreciated as we fight to support progressive policies in the District. Many have expressed their concerns for the regional inequities in the Southland and I look forward to being their voice in Springfield.

In solidarity,
Marta Perales

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