Statement from Marta Perales

MOMENCE, Ill. – It was a hard fought campaign for State Senator for the 40th Legislative District.  Though I did not win, from the beginning, I raised fundamental issues about the needs of the district.  I intimately knew these needs, their history and a path for achievement because I’ve worked on them for over fifteen years.  I would like to congratulate Senator Joyce on his win. I would hope that he would fervently work on the issues that I have raised during the course of the campaign. I would also like to congratulate Lori Wilcox and Monica Gordon on their candidacies. 

From the beginning, my mission has always been to advocate for the development of the Southland.  I entered this race to ensure a conversation was had about infrastructure and investments, and their impact on the community.  I also wanted to talk about the vital role of Labor in any developmental endeavor.  Often, I see too many of us struggling in the Southland. Much of that struggle is infrastructure based.  Lack of mass transit options, unsafe roads and bridges, and more.  With the lack of transit investments, many risk their lives on a daily basis walking along Governors Highway and Route 50 and other major thoroughfares.  We desperately need safer roads and sidewalks in our region. We have to do better.  Our people deserve it.  I am forever grateful to my friends for their loyalty, love and support in my race.  Thanks to all of you throughout the District who voted for me.  It was gratifying to hear compliments about my background or my raising their consciousness about an issue they didn’t know. To those that did not, I hope I’ve provided a policy framework that we all can expect our elected officials to be accountable for in the future. 

Thank you.

2007 IDOT Helicopter Tour of the South Suburban Airport Footprint

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